Important note for 2021:

On October 10,The Ache will be a throwback to 1994.  Ft. Collins Rowing will NOT have EMTs on site, no support launches, no radio club support, no food, no awards and no complaints department! 

BYO Everything,That said it should be a blast. Rowers who want to be timed and row at the same time as everyone else will be given a bow number and embark from the south end of Horsetooth Reservoir at approximately 9 AM.

The reservoir is public, and shells can wet launch from the launching dock area in the Larimer County South Bay Park. Local traffic pattern for the reservoir is counterclockwise - meaning you travel north along the eastern shore until you are 100 meters off the North Dam, then proceed south along the western shore to the point of origin. If you would like your crews to be timed, you will be given a bow number and you have to start in one of two or three waves. 

There is a daily admission fee of about $7 per vehicle. If you bring a motor launch it will need to be inspected at the launch site.


Fort Collins Rowing members will each make a $25 donation for a seat in the Ache. Non-members are encouraged to make a similar donation. 

Hope to see you on the water!